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Product Application

1.The ideal tool for countersinking and deburring in the following sectors of industry: electrical, sanitary engineering, heating technics, mechanical engineering, switching systems, tubular steel construction,furniture and wood working, automotive and aviation.


2.This tough tool is suitable for all standard industrial materials: non-ferrous metal, stainless steel,thermoplastics and duroplastics as well as sheet metals.


3. The taper and deburring countersinkers as per DIN 335 are suitable in particular for countersinkings of type A and B of fine execution as per DIN 74

Product Information
Countersinks 3 Round flutes Cutting test


· For hard materials

· Extended service lives

· Higher cutting speed

· Higher tool life



· Temperature?resistance?up?to?600?°?C?

· Surface?treatment?ca.?2.500?HV?

· Layer?Thickness?up?to?2?μm?

· Reduces?cold?weldings?




· For particularly hard materials?

· Outstanding service lives?

· Highest cutting speeds?

· Optimized tool life ?



· Surface?treatment?ca.?3.500?HV?

· Layer Thickness up to 4 μm?

· Reduces cold weldings?

· Temperature resistant up to 800°C, cooling not necessary ?


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